James Xmas Gifts

Holiday Cheer from New Zealand

I had the amazing good fortune to host James Herbison on a trip years ago to the U.S. and ever since, I get such a lovely surprise at this time of year.

Fairy Mushrooms – Who Knew!

James knows that Thaddeus has an interest in mushrooms, and he also knows we’re both fairies, so most years, he sends a New Zealand confection called Fairy Mushrooms.

Fairy Mushrooms(1)

If you’ve never had one of these, they’re very difficult to describe…Kind of like a fruity gum drop covered in sweetened coconut with a soft candy stick stuck up inside it.  Suffice it to say, they’re quite delicious and seemingly only available in New Zealand.

They’re a treat and I ration myself to one a day…makes my holiday a lot cheerier.  Thanks James!

Current Knitting

I finished up the shoulder slope shaping on the back of my current sweater and completed about half of the front of the sweater.

Simply Sweater 12-18-2015

This project is moving along quite quickly and I’m enjoying working on it.  I ended up using a short-row technique often called Japanese Short-Rows for the shoulder slanting, and it’s a great looking way of doing short-rows.

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