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Welcome to a Very Queer 2016

I always like to say, I was queer before it was cool…perhaps I still am.

Passing Fancies

It seems that certain concepts can either be seen as new and novel and fresh, or scary and to be abhorred.

Early on, when someone would find out I was gay, they’d either avoid me like the plague, or place me in some special category…almost like they could claim me as their own personal gay.

It was a similar experience as a male knitter…either I was an undesirable oddity that should be shunned, or I was fawned over like I was the new Elizabeth Zimmermann

I have to admit, I found the fawning and/or the special categorization to be very flattering.

But honestly, the people that just liked me for who I was, and ignored the protuberances of differences that stood out, were the people that I valued…their thoughts and opinions I respected.  It was truly satisfying to have someone see past some of the obvious and see through to what I consider to be substantial about myself.

Current Knitting

Each year, we extend out Christmas by a week, and celebrate the holiday on New Year’s Eve with our friend Charles.  We go out to dinner, exchange gifts and enjoy each other’s company.

The latest sweater I was knitting was for him, but since he stops by here and my Facebook page, I couldn’t really post lots of photos.  Here is the final sweater.

Purple Sweater

I was quite pleased with how it turned out and thought it looked quite smart on the recipient.

I’ve started a new niece blanket as my next project…actually, I’ve started it five times now…hopefully I’ve found a stitch pattern and needle size that will work with the yarn.

More to be revealed in a a very queer 2016.

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