Dope Green

Color Preferences

Each year they come up with a new color for the year, and now I’ve come to find out there’s a new “color to avoid for 2016” – some variant of vibrant green.

What Bullshit

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I would enjoy wearing a sweater made in “neon slime green” colored yarn, but I don’t think it’s valid to limit color choices by elected a color to avoid.

As an accent color, the very color that “designers” are telling us to avoid for 2016, can be a great kicker color, adding tons of interest to a garment.

Green Accented Socks Green Accented Socks 1Racing Stripe Pullover 11-10-14(1) Quilt with Kaffe copy

Or perhaps I’m just annoyed because I really have come to love acidy/neon greens and have a lot of it in my yarn stash.

Espace Tricot Tosh Merino Light

Hot Socks Neon Yarn(1)

Espace Tricot Scrumptiouspurl(1)

But either way, I am not fond of other “experts” telling me what to like or dislike.  Neon slime green or not.

Current Knitting

I put aside the niece blanket for a bit of time to start up a nephew project…a cardigan that was requested over the recent holidays when i saw him.

Not enough progress on either project for a photo, so I’ll post one of the cardigan in progress next time.

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