Supernatural Winchesters


One of my guilty pleasures is enjoying a television show that is clearly produced for the enjoyment of adolescent girls.

The Winchester Boys

The two main characters are delightful in every way, and certainly can be great eye-candy.  I find almost all of the cast on this show to be appealing in some way as well.
I love the way this show isn’t afraid to make fun of itself.  If you have watched Supernatural since it started, the writing has gotten more and more clever (usually) and while it probably should have been declared as having “jumped the shark” (you should look up that reference if you really don’t know what it means) years ago, I still find myself eagerly looking forward to this show or the beginning of a new season.
That being said, I didn’t get to see last night’s episode, so please, no spoilers.

Current Knitting

I’m traveling this week for work, and didn’t feel like schlepping the niece blanket with me, so I brought the new project with me.
Newphew Cardigan 01-23-16
Nephew Cardigan 01-23-16
This will eventually be a fisherman’s rib cardigan for my nephew who asked me to make him one at Christmas.    The yarn is a worsted weight yarn by Cascade called Rustic, which is a wool and linen blend.  It’s very soft, lofty and nice to work with so far.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos of the garment

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