reading your knitting

Reading My Knitting

Many long-time knitters say that the most important skill in knitting, is to be able to “read” your knitting…or understand how a stitch looks on the needles, so you know when it looks wrong  (here’s a great blog on doing that).

Needing a New Skill Set

I’ve recently decided to try and re-engineer a stitch I saw on-line, which requires that I do a “tuck stitch”, by counting down rows below my needle on the reverse side of stockinette stitch, and I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I can clearly see the difference between a knit and a purl stitch and my fingers even feel when a stitch has been twisted when I go to knit or purl it.  I can easily count rows on the right side of stockinette as well, but counting them on the wrong side has got me stymied.

So I came up with a way of marking the stitches with a coil-less safety pin, so that when I get up to the place where I need to count down rows, they will already be marked.

Suke Suke Scarf 01-24-2016

I honestly thought that after doing a few of these tuck stitches, I’d be able to recognize 9 rows below on the purl side of the stockinette stitch…I still can’t, so I’m just sticking with my stitch markers.

Current Knitting

Yes, I did start a new project…I saw a really cool looking stitch and I just HAD to try and re-create it.

Suke Suke Scarf 01-25-2016

I’m going to keep this one un-named for now…until I’ve successfully re-created the stitch and that one be established until the garment is finished.  More to come.

I did also do some additional snow-bound work on the niece blanket.

Niece Blanket 01-25-2016

It’s moving along a bit more quickly than most linen stitch blankets I’ve made…thank Dog!

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