Help Beat the Koch Brothers

Here in the U.S., two extremely rich brothers, Charles and David Koch (CEO and EVP of Koch Industries) have used their billions of dollars of inherited wealth to purchase our government.

Take It Back!

Back in 2012, I got to meet Cecelia Tkaczyk, a sheep farmer in Upstate NY who also happened to be running for NY State Senate in a heavily gerrymandered district.  It wasn’t likely she was going to win against the incumbent.  I couldn’t vote for her, but I could contribute money towards her campaign, so I did.  It wasn’t much, but I figured it was enough to purchase a few of those lawn signs getting the woman with the unpronounceable last name, a little name recognition.

It turns out that Cece was elected that year…by 18 votes.  I truly felt I had made a positive difference.

I’m hopeful to do that again.  A friend of mine Chad Putman is running for NY State senate this year against an incumbent who has been in office for over 40 years.  He will be very difficult to unseat based on how they’ve carved out the district, but if anyone can, it’s Chad.

Please help support Chad for NY State Senate…it would be great to see such a wonderful upset to someone that clearly doesn’t care about term limits:


And thank you for any support you can throw his way.

Current Knitting

Now that the Suke-Suke scarf experiment is completed, I have been focusing only on the cardigan for my nephew.

Nephew Cardigan 02-08-2016

The back is finished (29 inches) and I’ve just barely started the front-right section.  Cascade Rustic in a Shaker rib is very soft and fluffy.  It’s also very light and warm.  It’s a great fabric for a nice casual cardigan.


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