Knitting Ephemera

Carol Sulcoski

In a brilliant literary move, Carol has taken on the mantle of knitting expert has deservedly put herself in the annals of knitting history with her latest book.

A Place In History

Much like “Principles of Knitting” has taken a place in knitting history, so will Carol’s latest book “Knitting Ephemera,” which is an incredibly well-done compilation of factoids, quotes, points of interest and fun read…all about the broadly popular topic of knitting.

The photo of the book above is without its dust cover for two reasons…first, it’s beautiful, but second, it’s how I imagine finding a copy of this gem at an antique book store years from now.  Go here if you are one of the few who haven’t seen the book in all its dust-cover glory

Carol will also now be the go-to expert on knitting for any interviewer wanting a depth of knowledge on the subject.  And I couldn’t have wanted a more knowledgeable and well-spoken advocate for our craft.

I’ve written this before about a knitting book, but this book is a must-have in any knitter’s library…if you’re a knitter or if you know a knitter, this book is the ideal gift (or self-gift).

I couldn’t be more pleased to own a copy.

Current Knitting

More work on the nephew cardigan, and I’ve decided to try something new for me.

Nephew Cardigan 02-10-2016

A slanted pocket!

Nephew Cardigan Pocket

Yes, I’m working in slanted pockets into this cardigan and I think it will be quite cool…I’ve actually been dreaming about how I’ll create these pocket openings and the pocket band and the inside pocket liner for a while now.  If they turn out how I’ve envisioned, they will be useful and nice looking.

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