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Persistence Pays Off

Most non-knitters seem to think that patience is the main skill set required to knit…patience is perhaps the main skill set required to learn to knit, but persistence is the skill set that makes someone a successful knitter.

Same With Blogging

Feedspot is a website that rates blogs in various categories.  I have no idea how they rate the blogs, but I am pleased to say that in the category of “Top 100 Knitting Blogs for Knitters and Crocheters”, came in fourth!

I am quite pleased with that, since the first three are Ravelry, Craftsy and Yarn Harlot.

I think just by consistently blogging for over ten years, I have worn down the competition and defaulted myself into fourth place.

Perhaps like “genius”, blogging is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Current Knitting

Sticking with the theme of persistence, I have stuck steadfastly to the nephew cardigan and have completed half of the front of the sweater.

Nephew Cardigan 02-12-2016

Well, almost.  I haven’t quite finished the pocket lining.  With the slanted pocket design, I’ve been playing with short-rows to try and get it to line up.

Nephew Cardigan 02-12-2016 Pocke Lining

The third attempt seems to be working, so hopefully I’ll have finished the front/left of the cardigan soon and begin working on the front/right.

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