Losing Sight

Losing Sight

Constant looking to our phones, pads and computers for connection to life is just the latest version of people losing sight of what’s important.

Time To Remember

I love social networking…I love blogging…I love how easy phones make it to keep in touch with those I enjoy and/or love.

But I try to remember what’s important, and to not let the tools of connection become the goal…instead of the connection itself.

In my day, people got caught up in power and money and materialistic ideals.  They let money become the goal, instead of the goal being the joy that money could help to facilitate.  When I find myself constantly worrying how the stock market is doing, I remind myself that if having money is going to make me miserable, I’ve already lost sight of the goal.

Similarly, each time I post a photo of my morning latte art, or my meal at the local Thai restaurant, I try to remember how joyous I am to have created beauty with steamed milk, or how excited I am to share a brilliant lunch with the people that read my posts.  Whenever I post a blog entry about a vacation trip or a heinous act being carried out by our government, I try to remember to do it with the intention of sharing something that has enriched my life in a way that others might get some enrichment as well.  In other words, remembering that it’s the connection to others that’s important.

When posting becomes so routine that it’s just for the purpose of posting, it’s time to remember and come back to living with joy and enthusiasm and hopefully share that joy and enthusiasm in a way that’s alive and special.

Time to go give Thaddeus a kiss and revel in my love for him.

Current Knitting

It is with great joy, that I announce that the body of the nephew cardigan is complete and all I need to finish is the sleeves.

Nephew Cardigan 02-17-2016-1

Okay, not exactly great joy, and really not totally complete as I have to finish the pocket lining on the left-front (about halfway finished) and I guess you’d consider the button band and collar as part of the body.

But it was still nice to reach this little milestone on the project.

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