Eyeglasses and eye chart

Complexities of Vision

And yes, I’m talking about my actual vision…as I’ve just completed a vision exam, now I have to decide on what glasses to get…who would have thought the decision would be quite so overwhelming.

Lenses and Coatings and Frames, Oh My!

My far-vision requires a little bit of assistance at night or in a movie theater, but not critical.
My close-vision requires a bit more help for reading, knitting and other close up tasks, like clipping my nails.

I currently have single-vision lenses that correct my far vision extremely well, but when I’m wearing them, I can’t see my computer or GPS or iPhone very well.

First off, I have to figure out what kind of lenses I want.

Do I want single-vision,  bi-focals or progressives?  Should I stick with my single-vision glasses for far-vision and just use cheaters for close-up tasks? Should I get bi-vision lenses that let me see far and close?  Should I get bi-vision lenses that let me see far and mid-range close?

Then there are coatings.  Should I get my lenses coated for scratch resistance, UV rays, anti-glare, anti-fog and/or self-darkening/lightening?

And then of course the decision on frames.  Do I get cheap, insurance-covered frames or expensive designer frames?  Should they make a statement or just compliment my face and appearance?

Here’s what I’m currently thinking:

Bi-vision, progressive lenses for far-distance and close-up work, with scratch resistance and anti-glare coating, in designer frames that compliment my face without making a statement.

Sounds like a $1,000 pair of glasses….I’ll post a photo when I finally decide and get the glasses.

Current Knitting

Despite my not-so-great close-up vision, I have been able to finish the pocket lining on the nephew cardigan and start the sleeves.

Nephew Cardigan 02-19-2016

Slow, but steady progress will be the goal, and I’m hoping that sticking with this one project exclusively will get me through the sleeves faster.

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