Shocked Trump Meme


I am truly shocked at the number of people that are hateful, ignorant (either willfully or not) and angry.

Don’t Discuss Religion or Politics

I always thought it  was a stupid suggestion to not discuss politics or religion in polite company.

Now I know why.

If an acquaintance of mine started to discuss why Trump was the right man for the White House, that would be the end of any polite conversation I might have with that person.  On a bad day, I’d tell the person what a fucking moron they were…on a good day, I’d walk away politely and never initiate contact with that person again.

I’m a patriot…a true patriot that cares what happens to this country and it sickens me that this bully-clown has turned the nomination for Republican Presidential candidate into a reality show.

It sickens me even more that there are so many people in this country who are taken in by his bullshit.

I have to believe that every sane, level-headed, patriotic American will come out to vote against this bloviating bully, and more than that, vote out as many Republican Senators and Representatives in November to make sure that if he is elected, we can protect this country from the morons.

Current Knitting

The nephew cardigan continues to move along, albeit slowly.

Nephew Cardigan 02-24-2015

The Shaker Rib stitch pattern takes a bit of work to get any length, especially as the sleeves get wider and wider.

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