2004 Honda Accord

Time For a New Car?

I’ve owned my trusty Honda Accord for 12 years now and it looks like I need to replace it.

Change is Good

I don’t often say this, but I’m actually happy for this change.

My old car finally came upon a repair I wasn’t willing to make (power steering fluid leak), and I have been ready for a new car for a while now anyway.  After trying to work through the Costco auto purchase plan and a salesperson that was trying to get me to come into to test drive a car they didn’t have, I finally looked at other non-Costco approved dealerships and ended up getting the exact car I wanted for less than the Costco negotiated price.

2015 Honda Accord Touring 01

Okay, so my old car was a gray, Honda Accord, and my new car is a gray, Honda Accord…okay, I’m the most boring person on the planet…I’m okay with that…but I LOVE my new car.

2015 Honda Accord Touring 06

It’s a 2016 Accord, Touring model which has everything they offer including, the Honda Sensing feature which has sight-assisting cameras in the front, back and passenger side of the car that help me stay in my own lane and brakes for me if I’m about to hit someone in front of me.  It’s also got full navigation and smartphone connectivity including Apple CarPlay.

2015 Honda Accord Touring Dashboard 2


I drove it home last night and the LED headlights were amazing for an old man like me, although I’m not overly fond of the automatic high-beam feature…I think I blinded a few people driving ahead of me until I figure out how to disable it.

The eagle-eyed among you will note the car has only 39 miles on it so far…and I’ve driven 33 of them.

New cars can bring such joy!

Current Knitting

Almost to the sleeve-top shaping…just a few more inches to go before it starts to go faster, rather than slower (as the sleeve is still getting wider).

Nephew Cardigan 02-26-2016

I”m hopeful to finish the sleeves this weekend and sew them up.  Then it’s just a button band and collar, and Bob’s you’re Uncle, it’ll be finished!

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