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Random Thoughts

I’ve never done this type of blog entry before, but I thought it might be fun.

Ongoing Collection

I think I’ll just keep an unpublished blog entry in my blogger queue, listing and adding to it until it seems to be substantial enough to publish.

  1. Why is it that the people that use “LMAO” the most, still have the biggest asses?
  2. Did you ever realize that GAF (the company where my father worked before he died) is FAG backwards?  I don’t think I ever had a chance.
  3. How come the person in the meeting who is the biggest blowhard, typically seems to know the least about the topic of the meeting?
  4. It can be incredibly disturbing to be driving and come up with 3 incredible ideas for blog entries, and then forget each and every one of them once I’m back home at my computer.
  5. It can be even more disturbing to realize I refuse to use Siri on my iPhone to remind myself of blog topics when I get home, because that would be admitting defeat and besides which, I’ll remember this time anyway.
  6. Does everyone cling to life harder the closer they get to death?  I’m hoping to be an exception to that rule.
  7. How come whenever I have a hunger pang, it always turns into a craving for cake or fudge or something unhealthy for me, even when eating a kale salad would satisfy the hunger pang?
  8. Has anyone ever gotten unsolicited spam that they responded to positively…and actually purchased something based on it?  Spam is the equivalent of cat-calls to women by construction workers…I can’t imagine it ever being effective at getting a positive response.
  9. After studying French for years, I found it difficult to pronounce some words in the Anglicized way but didn’t want to say them in French because it sounded too pompous…like “croissant.”
  10. Why is it that no matter how much I learn about technology, there are some who can make me feel like a complete moron?

Perhaps stopping at 10 is a good place to post…I’ll start a new list and post when it hits 10 as well.

Current Knitting

I was making some level of progress on the sleeves for the nephew cardigan.  I finished the widening/shaping and then this happened.

London Beanies 03-01-2016

WEBS delivered an order of gorgeous colored Noro Yarns (Hanabatake) in worsted weight, so I decided to make a dozen or so London Beanies that I’ll donate to Easton Mountain…the retreat center that hosts the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat each year.  I’ll put price tags on them if they decide to sell them in their gift shop, but I’d be fine if they just wanted to give the caps to the volunteers and residents there as gifts too.

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