PA License Bumper Sticker

License To Kill

The Commonwealth or State of Pennsylvania offers special “affinity” license plates for various causes and….well…affinities…like this one below for Saving Wildlife Animals.

The Irony…it Burns!

So, while this caring, animal loving Pennsylvania driver decided to spend extra money to show how much they support keeping wild animals alive, they also saw fit to declare how unimportant human lives are with their support of snipers.  Don’t get me wrong, I think American snipers probably save more American lives, although I honestly have no idea.

I just thought these two items on the same car seemed a little inconsistent.

Current Knitting

I’ve been drawn to the more colorful lately and I’ve been working on the niece afghan (a little) and the Noro London Beanies.

London Beanies 03-04-2016

I still don’t make a very good model for hats, but I thought I’d try the latest one on.

London Beanie Joe

To take your focus a bit off how old I look, I’d like to point out the double-pointed needles on the table next to me and the ones in my shirt pocket.

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