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More Random Thoughts

It seemed to work out well the last time I posted random ideas, thoughts, questions and annoyances, so I’ve collected a new batch.

Latest List

  1. When I say “I’m having trouble hearing you” why does it never occur to the speaker/phone caller to try raising the volume of her/his voice?  The most common response I get is “Is this any better” in the same tone and volume.
  2. It appears there are two types of couples…couples that find great joy in knowing each other so well that they finish each others sentences and couples that find if fucking annoying to have the other finish their sentences.
  3. At strip joints in the U.S. (I refuse to call them Gentlemen’s Clubs because they’re not clubs and their clientele aren’t gentlemen), they throw dollar bills at the strippers…did you know in Canada where the one and two dollar denominations are rather large coins, they throw those too?  Are Canadian strippers more bruised than their U.S. counterparts?
  4. How come offensive personal odors (like body odor, flatulence, bad breath, etc.) are rarely offensive to the person creating the odor?
  5. When man started shaving his face, why is it that the eyebrows were excluded from the process?
  6. If you asked me if I encouraged enthusiasm in others, I’d tell you I do…but I also have great disdain for the person who watches television on the treadmill at the gym using earphones, and laughs out loud.  That kind of enthusiasm should be stifled.
  7. I don’t use the term “ear buds” because I have an irrational fear they’ll bloom at the most inopportune time.
  8. Does it not piss off anyone else that you had to pay so much for a calculator while at  University when for not significantly more money, one now comes standard on your smart phone?
  9. Why is it that some of the most profound thoughts are so fleeting?  Actually, I knew the answer to this, but it’s escaped me for the moment.
  10. When I was in my early teens, I wore braces on my teeth…each monthly visit to the orthodontist, they’d tighten the wires attached to the braces until my teeth ached.  The only relief would be to grit my teeth to make it hurt worse and then unclench my jaw and it felt better.  Listening to Bob Dylan when I’m sad has the same effect now.

Current Knitting

Since my last blog entry, I haven’t picked up the sleeves for the nephew cardigan even once.  But I have made a couple of more London Beanies for donation.

London Beanies 03-16-2016

It’s incredibly satisfying to finish these hats, and the bulky ribbing on the nephew sweater seems to grow at a snail’s pace.  And the hats are so colorful…I do love Noro.

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