The Secret

The Power of Intention

Has anyone read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne?  From what I understand, it claims you can make things real through the power of intention via the universal laws of attraction…or some such thing…I’ve clearly not read the book myself.

What Make Sense to Me

I’m not sure I believe much of this concept of intending for things to happen and they magically do, despite the fact that this book was a mega best-seller.

“I intend to be a billionaire by this Sunday, April 3rd, 2016.”

I do think there is some merit in setting my conscious awareness on some goal or some specific thing, and by doing so, become more aware of it’s presence in my life.

So, for instance, I set my sights on “cake” – and magically, every where I go I seem to find cake…grocery store, in the small kitchenette on the fifth floor of my office, in photographs on friends’ Facebook page, etc.

slice cake

Did I create all this cake through intentionality?  Through some force of Universal law?  I don’t believe so.  Did I set my mind to focusing more on cake and so therefore was more cognizant of the cake that was already there?  Did I set my unconscious mind to be more aware of opportunities to spot cake?  Probably.

So, do I think prayer, conscious intention and/or making my desires known can help me reach goals?  Yes, to a certain degree.  Do I think the Universe, or God is some petitionable entity where I can send up my requests and expect to have them delivered…I don’t really.

But even still, I might have wanted to choose a healthier example of intention than cake…just in case.

Current Knitting

Working on what will be the last of 22 London Beanies if there is enough yarn to complete this one.  I fully INTEND to have enough yarn for the final beanie…let it be so!

London Beanies 03-04-2016

It will be quite close, or it may be a VERY shallow beanie…more like a kippah.

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