London Beanies 03-31-2016

A Panoply of Hats

It can take a lot to impress me, but I am impressed…impressed at how spectacularly beautiful some Noro yarns are, impressed at my ability to stick with finishing knitting 21 hats, impressed at what a nice donation this grouping of hats will make.

Also Impressed

It’s quite amazing that minimal adjustments in knitting and yarn thickness can make such a wide variety of hat sizes.

London Beanies 03-30-2016

Some of these hats had 78 stitches around and others had 80, some of them had 22 rows of plain stockinette before decreases, some of them had 25…some of them had a slightly faster way of decreases at the crown, others a bit more gradual…some of them I knit while tense, some of them I knit whilst practically falling asleep.

Overall, I’m quite happy that the guys purchasing them will have a variety of sizes to try on and certainly a variety of colorways to choose from as well.

I have created tags for each of the hats and just need to

Current Knitting

I’m back working on the never-ending sleeves of the nephew cardigan.

And I still have about 2 inches of knitting before I do the shaping at the top of the sleeves.  I think I had less than that when I put this project down to work on the hats!  Have the sleeves shrunk over the last few weeks?!?!

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