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Pinterest – Analog Style

I love Pinterest…it’s a great way of keeping a list of things that inspire me…it means I’m never at a lost for something creative to try next.

Old School Style

Years ago, a couple of master colorists (Kaffe being one of them) said that they used to try out various color combinations and just pin the test swatch up on a wall that they looked at often.

First impressions aren’t always the most accurate way of assessing creative endeavors, so having it in a place I can look at often and continue to assess how much I like it can be very useful.

Here’s my meager swatch board (with the Noro swatch I posted on Monday in the mix).

Swatch Wall

Most of my decisions on swatching are related to mixing variegated colorways, or seeing how they might pool or work with various stitches.

Just like my Pinterest board on knitting, I use my swatch board to see how well I get used to various textures, colors, ideas and I also use it for posting future project ideas.

Current Knitting

I had to take my mom in for an MRI yesterday and was lead to believe I’d be sitting waiting for a long time.  I brought along DPN’s and some Noro Silk Garden Sock and started to cast on when my mom went back for the scan.

Two failed attempts at the figure-eight, toe-up cast-on…I gave up and started chatting with my sister instead.  My mom was out shortly thereafter anyway.

I have done some addition rows on the Niece Blanket.

Niece Blanket 04-20-2016

The colors in this blanket make me happy no matter how much I look at them.  And with the amount of time Linen Stitch takes for me to execute, I look at the colors a LOT.

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