outdoor dining

Outdoor Eating

Anyone that has ever eaten with me at a restaurant with outdoor seating knows that I HATE outdoor dining…the wind blows away the napkins, the salt and pepper shakers have usually been left out in the rain once too many times, there are bugs and some noxious odor is almost sure to be worse than the perfume someone bathed in sitting inside.

Eating The Outdoors

When it comes to eating food that has been foraged in the outdoors, now that’s a different story.

Many of you know that Thaddeus is an amateur mycologist and loves foraging for wild mushrooms.  Some of you may also know that this area will soon be Morel season and Thaddeus will be out looking for some of these luscious fungi.

But in the mean time, he’s started picking a delicious onion-y delicacy called “ramps.”

Ramps Clean 2

They’re known as wild leeks in this area as well, and the entire plant, including the greens, are delicious.  They have a taste that seems like a cross between onion and garlic, but with a gamier taste, if vegetation can be gamey.

Thaddeus made some morel risotto with ramps for dinner yesterday, and it was a sublime meal.

Ramps 07

Thaddeus makes an amazing risotto anyway, and the ramps just added a depth of flavor that was incredible.

Current Knitting

Fully recovered from my mistaken row, and I’ve actually added a few rows more than where I was when I ripped out ten or 12 rows.

Niece Blanket 04-27-2016

I’ll leave you with this lovely photo of Finn enjoying the luxury of Thaddeus’ mushroom basket.

Finn in a Basket

I think he slept here all night last night…he might actually have a slight onion/garlic scent this morning.

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