Serene Space

Go To Your Space

A number of guided meditations and visualization practices have you choose a place of serenity, where you can go in your mind as a safe and calm place to hang out.

Where Do you Go?

Years ago, when I was into est, a number of the “processes” we were guided through, asked us to go to a place when we were through with the exercise, while the other participants finished up their process.

Your place could be a warm, cozy bed, or a brisk, windy mountaintop, or in a lush, green forest…just as long as you could find peace.

My initial choice of a safe place was a warm, sunny beach with no one else around.  It was on a slightly elevated dune overlooking a relatively calm ocean beach and behind me was some form of beach grass that made me feel safe and serene.


But these days, I find myself more and more retreating to a place at the retreat center where we have the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.

Easton Hammock

The annual retreat is in two weeks and I’ll find myself back there for a week of peace and serenity and reveling in all things fiber with a group of 50 guys.

I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Current Knitting

So close to being finished with the knitting of the of the Niece Blanket.

Niece Blanket 05-04-2016

There’s about 5 more inches to go and then some kind of border.  With the little cool spell we’ve had lately here, having the blanket on my lap while I knit and watch television has been pleasant.

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