501 Jeans

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

For years I wore Levi’s and when I felt like being particularly sexy, I’d find myself a pair of 501’s with the button fly…because all gay men and metrosexuals know the button fly shows off a better package.

Our Youth – Fashion Geniuses!

A few years ago, I was traveling up in Canada for work and had to stay over on the weekend.  Bad enough I didn’t get to go home that weekend, but I also forgot to pack a pair of jeans to relax in, so I decided to go shopping.

I’m not a big shopper…I like to buy things, but I don’t typically like to shop for them.

Finding a nice looking pair of jeans seemed daunting.  I didn’t want GAP jeans, so I went into a trendy, young person store in the mall up in Edmonton and ending up trying on about 10 different pairs of jeans.

First of all, low-rise (10.5″ crotch) is the way to go for me…they are so much more comfortable and fit my body extremely well.

Second, denim with some stretch to it is AMAZING (I know I’m late to the game…but I never would have guessed).

I ended up buying a pair of DL1961 Vince jeans.

DL1961 Vince Ashton Front

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the fit, with how they looked and how comfortable they were.  I asked the young man that was helping me find this pair of jeans if he thought the length of the pant-leg was okay (I was thinking they might be too long) and his response was, “I wouldn’t go any longer if I were you.”  Clearly he didn’t even consider the possibility they might be too long…only too short possibly.

One complaint I have with these jeans is that over the years, the dye wears off in areas that I wish they didn’t…especially on the front pockets where I hold my wallet and cellphone.

So I have decided that now that I’ve purchased my second pair of these expensive jeans, I refuse to hold anything in my pockets that might fade the color…which brings me to…

Current Knitting

To help avoid using the pockets on my new pair of jeans, I’ve decided to try to design and knit a small murse to hold my wallet and cell phone.

Murse 2

The fabric of this bag is very dense…it’s Jamieson’s Chunky Shetland, with recommended needle size of  US10 (6mm), but I used a US5 (3.75mm).  It gives the bag a lot of structure, which I like.

I’m also making a braided strap to make it easier to carry and can’t wait to see how useful it becomes.

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