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Knitting Workshops and Classes?

Not for me!  In all the years I’ve been to Stitches or the Men’s Knitting Retreats, I rarely participated in the classes or workshops.


Lucy Neatby Changed All That

Recently, a more experienced knitter than me, suggested I try a Craftsy course by Lucy Neatby, called Fearless Knitting.  Not being a fearful knitter at all, I normally would have never considered this course, but given the recommendation by my friend, I decided to do it.

I couldn’t have been more pleased…here’s the review I wrote:

As a veteran knitter of 30 years, I have an aversion to knitting classes and workshops.  In part because I’m arrogant enough to think I know it all and in part because even if there are techniques I will learn, there won’t be enough value in a class to make it worth my while.

This class has been a clear exception to my general rule.

Fearless Knitting not only taught me new tips and techniques but also taught me techniques that I haven’t been doing correctly all these years.  It also explained  the architecture of knitting in such a clear and succinct way, that I feel as though I took a remedial knitting class that finally answered all those questions I’ve had, and either never questioned how I did it, or never asked.

This is the perfect class to teach a new knitter the important basics, but also for the long-time knitter who would like to be the best possible knitter.

This course was jam-packed with  tips, techniques and brilliantly demonstrating understanding of how to read your knitting (which I honestly thought I was pretty good at already…until I took this course).

If anyone is interested in taking Lucy’s course, e-mail and/or message me privately, and I’d be glad to see about getting you a discounted rate.

Current Knitting

Finished the cord and edging on my man-purse/murse and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Murse 04
Murse 05
Murse 06


Murse 07

I ended up doing a 4 strand braid with a contrasting orange yarn (the same yarn I edged the flap with) and doubled it so that I can adjust the length of the shoulder strap.  I also made a little i-cord and button fastener that seems to work quite well in keeping the bag closed.

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