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Politically Correct – Good or Bad?

Conservatives used to try and insult me by calling me names like “latte drinking liberal” and I found that to be an accurate representation of who I am.  Now they call me “politically correct” when I call them on their ignorance, racism or hate-speech.

Too Far?

Trump sneers out the phrase “politically correct” when people call him on his sexist, hateful, racist or xenophobic bullshit.

Do I think it’s okay to generalize all Muslims as not worthy of entering the U.S?
Do I think it’s okay to mock someone with a disability by mimicking their actions?
Do I think it’s okay to denigrate a woman for her looks or her bodily functions?
Do I think it’s okay to incite mobs with insults to groups like the press?
Do I think it’s okay to watch mobs get violent at an event I’m leading and say nothing?
Do I think it’s okay to do or say anything to gain power, no matter what the result?

Perhaps I am politically correct and I should wear that description as I would a badge of honor.

There are times when people protest or are outraged by something that doesn’t have a lot of meaning for me.  But I’m always open to why it’s important to them.

Take for example people being outraged over having a “sweat lodge” experience as part of a self-improvement retreat.

Is this something worthy of being outraged over?  Clearly people see it as either:

  • The cultural appropriation of a sacred tradition from this country’s indigenous population, or
  • an earnest attempt at incorporating an ancient tradition that our Native Americans have brought to our culture

Regardless of how you feel about this, don’t you at least think it’s worthy of debate and allowing people to discuss this without dismissing them with a trite moniker of “politically correct?”

I’ve recognized that there is an infinite amount of information that I don’t know…an inexhaustible mass of knowledge that I have yet to explore.  So now I declare that I’m a “latte drinking, politically correct liberal.”  Anyone wanna join me for a latte?

Latte 05-11-2016

Current Knitting

Started binding off the Niece Blanket using an i-cord bind-off.

Niece Blanket Edging

So far so good and I like the way the edging looks on this blanket.

Looks like it will be finished in time for “show & tell” at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat next week!

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