MSKR 2016 - Joe Knitting

Retreating Again

The annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat has turned into a week-long event for me for the past few years, and this past retreat was no exception.

Back At Easton Mountain

Last week, I was back at Easton Mountain Retreat Center, three days in advance of the 2016 Men’s Knitting Retreat.

It’s fantastic to be able to just kick back and relax for a few days before all the guys arrived.  I also took the opportunity to snap some photos of the exceptional venue where we hold this retreat each year.

MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Mountain Lake View


MSKR 2016 - Main Road


MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Temple Mountain


MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Road Mountain View


MSKR 2016 - Mark Going to Main Lodge
MSKR 2016 - Bruce and John meeting at the fence


MSKR 2016 - Colin off to knit


MSKR 2016 - Easton Deck View


MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Deck Retreating
The back deck filled with men who knit.


MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Deck Retreating 2

MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Guest House Knitters


MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Porch Flag Road
The view from outside my lodging.


MSKR 2016 - Easton Mountain Porch Garden
Yes, Spring did arrive while we were there!

Suffice it to say, that this year was again an amazing time, spent with some amazing guys.Next blog entry, I’ll post photos of some of the things that happen at the retreat.

Current Knitting
As many of you know, despite how counter-intuitive it might sound, I usually take time off from knitting while I’m at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.

I therefore have  no knitting progress photos to show.


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