MSKR 2016 - S&T Rob

Men’s Knitting Retreat Show & Tell

One of the highlights of the retreat each year is the Show & Tell portion, where the guys get to display some of their handiwork to the cheers of the group.

Amazing Talent

Most of you know there are some incredibly talented and creative men who knit, so I always love getting to see what they come up with.  New knitters are wildly encouraged and long-time knitters get to have their work oohed and ahhed over.

One of the more challenging aspects of the retreat to photograph, given that it’s at night and the lighting isn’t optimal, the following are about ten percent of all the photos I took during show & tell.

MSKR 2016 - S&T Aaron 1


MSKR 2016 - ST Aaron


MSKR 2016 - S&T Bill


MSKR 2016 - S&T Bruce


MSKR 2016 - S&T Dave


MSKR 2016 - S&T Dennis


MSKR 2016 - S&T Ian 1


MSKR 2016 - S&T Ian 2


MSKR 2016 - S&T John


MSKR 2016 - S&T Matthew


MSKR 2016 - S&T Rob


MSKR 2016 - S&T Ron


MSKR 2016 - S&T Steven


MSKR 2016 - S&T Veryl


MSKR S&T Bruce

Getting a good photo of the garment and the person that made it in such dim light has its challenges.  Hopefully despite the bad photography, you get a sense about the joy and pride we have in our work.  And while I wasn’t able to photograph myself on the runway, I did end up showing and telling my murse and the niece blanket.

Current Knitting

I only took one project with me to the retreat and got very little done (and only on the days prior to the official retreat).

Noro Silk Sock 05-30-2016

This is Noro Silk Garden Sock using my toe-up sock recipe.  I’m just about to “turn the heel” on the second sock, so I’ll soon have a new pair of colorful socks to wear.

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