MSKR 2016 - Mark walking

2016 Men’s Knitting Retreat – Final Words

Community, relationship, connection…these all seem to be what I get out of the retreat each year.


Yes, it’s a knitting retreat, but honestly, knitting and fiber pursuits are only the common bond that draws us together.  Knitting provides us an instant community…a community on which we can build relationships and connect deeply with one another.

That’s where the magic is.

Despite haven taken a total of over 500 photos at the retreat this year, I didn’t feel like I captured as many of the guys as I would have liked.  But here are the remaining photos, as yet unpublished.

MSKR 2016 - Colin Kevin and Christopher
Colin, Kevin and Christopher socially knitting


MSKR 2016 - Bill
Bill reviewing the tag sale table


MSKR 2016 - Brady
Brady looking fine in John’s cap


MSKR 2016 - Christopher Jeff Ron
Christopher, Jeff and Ron overseeing lawn blocking
MSKR 2016 - Colin Kevin
Colin and Kevin on deck


MSKR 2016 - Daniel Kirk
Daniel and Kirk sharing a moment


MSKR 2016 - Dave and Kenny
Dave and Kenny fibering on the floor
MSKR 2016 - Dave Gary Daniel Kirk
Dave helping Gary


MSKR 2016 - David Chad
David and Chad swatching


MSKR 2016 - Gary


MSKR 2016 - Jeff Cohen


MSKR 2016 - John


MSKR 2016 - Kevin and Christopher
Kevin and Christopher!


MSKR 2016 - Kevin Steve
Kevin and Steve!


MSKR 2016 - Mark walking
Mark walking back to his room


MSKR 2016 - Nick Colin
Nick and Colin!


MSKR 2016 - Phil Ian John
Phil, Ian and John (Steve and Ron in the background)


MSKR 2016 - Phil Joudrey 1


MSKR 2016 - Ray Peter Dave and Kenny
Ray and Peter!


MSKR 2016 - Ron Doughten


MSKR 2016 - Ron Veryl Peter
Ron, Veryl and Peter fibering on the floor


MSKR 2016 - Ryan Cooke 5


MSKR 2016 - Ted Mark
Ted and Mark!


MSKR 2016 Ted Dave Phil
Ted, Dave and Phil discussing weaving


MSKR 2016 - Ted and Dennis 1
Ted and Dennis!

I continued working  on the toe-up Noro socks.
Current Knitting

Noro Silk Garden Socks 05-31-2016

I was able to finish turning the second heel and now I just have some ribbing to do on both socks.

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