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A Yoga Body

I don’t do yoga very often, but I have often noticed how the folks of my age or older often have nicer bodies when they do yoga on a regular basis.

What I’ll Do When I Retire

Friends and family often ask me what I plan to do with all my time when I leave the workforce.

Yoga is one of the things I will add to my routine when I have more time.

I honestly never used to understand why the people that did yoga more often had long, lithe bodies and generally just looked healthier…until I tried a “beginner’s yoga class” for the first time.

I’m not in bad shape…I work out at my fitness center on a regular basis and can run further and faster than most men my age.  But my first introduction to yoga was a surprise.  I actually couldn’t finish it.  I don’t mean I couldn’t reach all the poses…I mean I was sweating and winded so much that I had to finish early.

I also love the spiritual aspect of yoga.  I plan on continuing to do Breema, and I think the two will be very complementary in terms of both physical and spiritual well-being.

Current Knitting/Crocheting

I finished the pair of socks I was knitting in Noro Silk Garden.

Noro Socks 06-05-2016

I can’t say enough about the colorways that Noro comes up with for their sock yarn, and while I’m not always a fan of their base yarn…I find it stiff and scratchy to work with…it does make a nice fabric with my toe-up sock pattern.

I also picked up another Work-In-Progress…the Rowan LDK Afghan that I was crocheting a while ago.

Rowan LDK Afghan 06-05-2016

I had forgotten quite how much I love how this crochet stitch looks, so it will be nice to work toward finishing this lovely blanket.

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