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The Pope Thinks The Church Should Apologize

Having been a good and faithful Catholic up until my early twenties, I know that penance doesn’t really count if you have no intention of changing.

What Will He DO?!?!?

I know a lot of people are enamored with this Pope, but I think he’s all talk and absolutely no action, and more so, that he’s full of shit and has no intention of actually making any changes.  Or at least no action except continuing the bigotry and hatred toward the LGBT community that the Church has always fostered.

So this latest call for the church to make an apology

  • Will the church apologize for all of their hatred in the past?
  • Will the church actually change their hateful behavior?
  • Will they stop firing gays and lesbians who aren’t in any clerical capacity (such as a choir director or a teacher in Catholic school who teaches math)?
  • Will they take responsibility for the number of Catholic LGBTQ youth who have killed themselves over the centuries because of self-loathing fostered by them?
  • Will they go even further and give Papal Forgiveness of all sins to those who killed themselves so they can go immediately to heaven (not that I believe all that dogma and bullshit, but it would be a huge sign that they are earnest in wanting to change)?

Suffice it to say, I don’t think anything will come of this latest pronouncement…except a bunch more words from the church with no accompanying action.

Current Knitting

With the completion of two pretty major projects, I decided to focus on a smaller project, so I’m working on a simple scarf in a pattern stitch I saw on the Men Who Knit forum on Ravelry.

Green Scarf 07-01-2016

Here’s a closer view of the pattern stitch and the reverse.

Green Scarf 07-01-2016 Reverse

There’s some garter stitch on each side edge, and the stitch is boring as hell to knit, but it’s a good, standard scarf that looks decent on both sides.

And I needed a small project to work on until I got some yarn to work on a new project!

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