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When I Forget

Frequently, I forget and need to be reminded that my satisfaction comes from within.

I Feel Amazing

Over the last few weeks, I’ve often been feeling sad, hopeless, angry and vengeful.

When I have these feelings, I am more apt to start flame wars on social media with the morons I blame for my sadhoplessangryvengefullness or write snarky posts on the blog or on Facebook or Twitter to convince everyone that they’re idiots and need to change. I also start to demonize and gossip about others.

Shockingly, those activities never seem to help ease my ill feelings.

During times when I’m more sane, I see this frustration as a welcomed opportunity to focus on doing what makes me a better person.  During my less sane times, I am often reliant on someone or something to remind me that I need to focus on character-building activities.

This weekend happened to be a more sane time and I was able to see all the sad and hateful news as a welcome reminder to do what’s good for my self-esteem and hopefully the rest of the World’s as well.

I’ve opted to be encouraging of myself and others.  I’ve decided to look for opportunities to be charitable and loving.  I’m focusing on being connected and present with people.  I even worked diligently on finishing one of the scarves that I have loved working on.

I offer today’s blog post as a reminder to you to work on those things that uplift your spirit if you’re not already there.

Current Crochet

Two scarves down and one to finish!

Roses Garden Scarf 02

Roses Garden Scarf 03

I worked diligently on finishing the latest scarf, which I’m calling Rose’s Garden.  The pinks and greens reminded me of a beautiful garden of roses with other flowers sprinkled all around.

See?!?…I’ve been working on things that are satisfying and nurturing!

The scarf is about 65″ long and 6″ wide (although the loose drape of the fabric could easily stretch out both longer and wider).  I also have ends to weave in, but fortunately, I find that nurturing as well!

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