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Dreaming of the Yarn Business Again

Like many knitters and spinners, every once in a while I dream about what it would be like to own a yarn store or a spinning mill.

Dreams Will Stay Just Dreams

I’ve known a lot of yarn store owners in my time as a knitter and in more recent years, I’ve met a few people that own spinning mills.

One conversation with any of them will dissuade me from the notion that it would be idyllic to own a fiber-related business.

Or a sheep farm, goat farm, alpaca farm, rabbit hutch.

All of them are a lot of work and for very little financial return.

I know yarn store owners that have made a living from doing what they love, but more often, they either learn to dislike the past-time of knitting because it becomes work, or they reconcile themselves to the fact that a yarn store is more of a hobby business than a serious money-making venture.

My blog doesn’t have much sway anymore, but for the dozen or so readers, I’d like to suggest you consider supporting the following two businesses…because we all know what hard work it is:

  • Provincetown Pürl – Ryan, a first-timer to the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat this past year has just opened up a yarn store in the this gay mecca and beach resort at the tip of the Massachusetts arm.  Like his store on Facebook, and visit his store if you’re there (or encourage your friends to do so.
  • Pioneer Fiber Mill – I don’t know much about Steve, but he has been actively pursuing interest in his fiber mill, and I’ve heard about this venture from at least three of my friends.  Steve event went so far as to send me three samples of his work to play with.

Pioneeer Fiber Mill Samples 1

The Granny Smith Green marled yarn is spectacular but the rich depth of colors in the naturals are also amazing.  Here’s a closer look at the fiber and the content.


Please consider checking Steve’s web page and using him for fiber processing or purchasing some of his Pioneer’s fiber.

Pioneeer Fiber Mill Samples 2Current Crochet

Almost complete with the last of three Interlocking Crochet Scarves.

Interlocking Crochet Scarf 07-20-2016

I’ve only got about 5 more “stripes” to add to this last scarf.  There are also quite a few ends to weave in.  I’m still loving this pattern.

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