my random thoughts(3)

More Random Thoughts

The first two times I published lists like this kind of depleted a lot of my more clever thoughts.

More Random Thoughts – III

  1. The word is voilà people…not wallah!
  2. The fact that many of the clients I’ve worked employ idiots has made for a successful career in consulting.
  3. Much of my life is about balancing between loving-self-care and arrogance.
  4. I don’t really understand what “creativity” means…to me it just seems like trying shit out until you find something that works.
  5. If same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt for fear their child will be bullied, then opposite-sex couples with strange last names shouldn’t be allowed to either, like Frick, or Mudge or Weiner or Fartson.
  6. Why did it take years of being frustrated with oil rising to the top of my peanut butter before I realized I could store the jar upside down and avoid the problem completely?
  7. When you leave the workforce, why do they use the verb “retire.”  Taken literally, are you tiring yourself again?  I know they’re not calling me a retread.
  8. Why is it that parents these days think it’s important to constantly praise their children to build their self-esteem, but don’t seem to consider it necessary for adult friends and coworkers who never got that praise during their childhoods?
  9. Conversations about many major physical transitions always seem to be sensitive and difficult, puberty, menopause, aging, illness, death, etc., while discussing birth is something we never seem to get enough of.
  10. Did it ever occur to you that the Egyptians were the first to use emoji?

Current Knitting

Continued progress is being made on the two Cross Stitch Scarves.

The pink and white one is halfway complete and purple and green one is only 1/3rd complete.  I’d love to finish these two scarves this weekend, but we’ll see how diligently I pursue that goal.

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