Over Deliver

Dreamers Make Lousy Estimators

When it comes to estimating how long a project will take me, I almost always underestimate.

Forever Hopeful

I think I know in my heart-of-hearts that I won’t be able to finish a project as quickly as I think I will.   While I knit a lot, I always seem to imagine that I will knit more to finish a project…and rarely do.

It sounds delusional, but I really do think that my knitting will all of a sudden become faster or that I’ll more time to allocate to it than in the past.  Okay, I guess it really is delusional.

I indicated in my last blog post that I was hoping to finish both Cross Stitch scarves over the weekend.  You’ll note in the “Current Knitting” section of today’s entry that I was again overly hopeful.

Current Knitting

Well, I did focus on finishing one of the scarves, and I even made a little progress on the second scarf.

Cross Stitch Scarf II - 08-08-2016

To avoid disappointment, I’ll just promise to continue to work on the second scarf.

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