Black and Blue Stole 03-06-19

Conveying Drape

Photos and words of knitted or other hand-crafted garments just don’t seem to convey the texture, heft and/or drape of the fabric.

Critical Factor in Garment Design

When I’m design a sweater or a scarf or any other garment, the drape of the resulting fabric is an important factor to how the garment turns out.  A stiff shawl or a clingy, drapey sweater might be considered a disaster…especially if it was unintended.

When I publish a pattern, like the Cross Stitch Scarf, I try in as many ways as possible to make sure knitters who purchase the pattern can imagine correctly what the fabric will be like.  But photos and words seem inadequate to convey the resulting fabric.

So, I thought I’d put together a brief video to see if that was any better at communicating fabric structure.

Current Knitting

As noted in the video, I’ve started a new wide scarf project.

Alpaca Scarf

I love this scarf pattern and it’s all in garter stitch on the bias.  Not sure where I found this pattern, but I enjoy doing very subtle color combinations like the gray and the green at the bottom of this scarf.
I also swatched up all that yarn I got from Pioneer Fiber Mill:
Pioneer Mill Swatches
I have to say, I love this man’s yarns…they are beautiful and somewhat rustic.  If I can find the greenish mix of wool and alpaca on his site, I will look to try and get more of that.

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