DoublePointed Designs 3

A New Career!!

Well perhaps it’s just an expansion of a hobby…or a new twist to an existing obsession.

Craft Show Knitter

In the past, I’ve dabbled with selling some of my hand knits at craft shows, but there was never much effort involved.  I’ve decided to dust off the DoublePointed Designs moniker and start participating in a very limited number of craft shows in my local area.

In preparation for displaying my wares to a public audience, I’ve been a little surprised at how much goes into just having a simple table at these established market fairs…or at least a display that I could be proud of.

Just to apply to be in some of these shows, I needed to send a photograph of my display…so I had to get together a display table rather quickly.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

It’s really just a short 4 foot table with two display busts and a hanging rack for displaying scarves, but all that went into just deciding on those aspects of the display took a surprising amount of time.  And that doesn’t go into the list of items I need, like purchase receipt books, price tags, charge card swipe apps, bags, etc. etc.

I obviously didn’t want to spend a ton of money, in case I find out I hate attending craft shows, or that I hate knitting items for sale, but I also didn’t want my display to look cheap.

I also figured I could use the display busts to have better blog photos!

Display Busts

I quite love this pair of these egg-head displays…one is considered male and the other female.

I’ve decided to only do craft shows in the last four months of each year, and this year, I have limited myself to two shows, so I can see how well I enjoy them:

Flemington Marketplace – Hunterdon Fair Grounds, Ringoes, NJ
Saturday/Sunday, October 22/23, 2016

The Fine Crafts and Arts Show – Prallsville Mill, Delaware River Mill Society, Stockton, NJ
Saturday/Sunday,  December 3/4, 2016

Come say hi and shop for holiday gifts at either venue!

Current Knitting

I have done a bit more knitting on the latest biased scarf/wrap, but I got a bit bored with all the garter stitch and started a new scarf project using up some of the leftover Lion Brand Yarns Sock-Ease yarn.

Sock-Ease Crochet Scarf Close

This one is actually crocheted, but has a somewhat similar look to the Cross-Stitch Scarf design.  How much would you charge for this scarf at a craft show if you were me?

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