Taylored Fibers Yarn 02

Beautiful Yarn and a Perfect Tool

Yesterday found me at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival in Ringoes, NJ.

Great Time…Crappy Photos

I really only went for two reasons…to meet with knitting friends (Hayes, Carole Foster, Leslie and Janet), and to specifically buy some of Amber’s yarn at the Taylored Fibers booth.

I met with Hayes, and got to see Carole, but I never ran into Leslie and Janet.

I also got a two bags full of Taylored Fibers super fine alpaca yarn in multiple colors.

Taylored Fibers Yarn 02

Two other bonuses…first I found a rigid heddle orifice hook, which will make my next attempt at warping my rigid heddle loom MUCH easier.

Rigid Heddle Hook 01

And I also got to have lunch at one of my very favorite places which was only a mile down the road from the fiber festival…The Bee’s Knees.

Current Knitting

I am almost up to the part of the Biased Scarf where I add in the colored stripes, and I’m also at the end of this hank of yarn.

Biased Scarf 09-12-2016 - 04

I’m thinking about either:

  1. Starting the color stripes a little early so the scarf wont be equidistant from the center of the scarf,
  2. Starting the color stripes a little early and making the scarf a few inches shorter so the stripes are equidistant from the center
  3. Starting a new hank of the silver/gray yarn and weave in two additional ends, making the colored stripes equidistant from the center and making the scarf as long as the first one I knit.


I also finished two more West Coast Watch Caps.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Julie writes, “…will you publish the pattern, please, for the bias scarf?”

It’s not mine to publish…the pattern is Cascade Scarf #5 by Brian Smith, although I change to a finer weight yarn on US 5 needles and change the colored stripes.  I am also convinced his decrease row at the end of the scarf is a mistake, but he insists otherwise.

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