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Free At Last…

It may not seem as though I’ve ever censored myself when it comes to posting on my blog or on social media, but my job and career were always in the back of my mind as I wrote a blog entry or participated in a flame war on-line, thinking that one of my co-workers or bosses might actually read what I post.

Officially Retired (or Soon to Be)

I just gave my two weeks notice to my current  employer, and I couldn’t feel any more relieved.

GE Schenectady

Have you ever felt as though you had a chance to relax for the first time in years, and didn’t even realize it was missing until you experienced it?

I have a busy two weeks ahead of me while I finalize as much as I can, and then I plan on starting to plan a more leisurely part of my life.

The most common question I hear from people when I tell them I’m retiring is “What will you do?”

It surprised me that many people seem to be concerned when they asked the question.

Mostly, I plan on the following:

  • Adding a little more sleep to my schedule
  • Expanding my workout time at the gym three times a week
  • Adding yoga to my schedule of activities
  • Enjoying my deck and espresso machine
  • Enjoying the area where I live by walking and biking more

There are other activities I may pursue, but this is the list of items I will almost assuredly add to my schedule.

I will also enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about offending a potential employer with my blog or social media posts.

Current Knitting

I finished the pair of tangerine gloves and also finished another West Coast Watch Cap.

West Coast Watch Cap and Cable Glove

I had worrisome little yarn left over on the glove project…the pattern calls for 220 yards of worsted weight yarn…mine only took 219….

Tangerine Glove 09-19-2016

Someone once described this race to finish a project before the yarn ran out as, “yarn chicken”…it definitely has a similar level of anxiety involved.

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