Unstructured and Productive

Without a work schedule, or a to-do list, I still find that I am continuing to be productive.


My preference has always been to be a little more busy than not.

I’ve also always preferred to be organized, but often found I would take shortcuts when I didn’t have time to be fully organized.

Whilst describing to my mom all that I had done to organize myself for the upcoming craft shows she seemed impressed…she also took full credit for the gene that instilled those organizational skills in me.  I don’t doubt it’s true…she’s always been very organized.

In retirement, now that there aren’t incessant priorities that need to be addressed immediately, it seems so much easier to address less urgent needs as they come up.  The bathroom needs cleaning, I do it.  Craft show items need to be added to the inventory, to the web site and set up with a price tag, I do it.  The coffee table looks cluttered, I tidy up.  We need a few things at the grocery store, I go shopping.  You get the idea.

I was thinking that I would need a weekly schedule of tasks to keep me organized. Eventually that kind of list would make me more efficient and economical…so that if I had to take the car out, I could go shopping, hit the post office and have a pedicure in one car trip…or I could get out all the cleaning paraphernalia for cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens just once.

As my fitness center schedule evens out a bit, I might just put together a weekly schedule of to-do items, but it will still be nice to not be rigorously tied to it.

Current Knitting

As demonstration of how productive I’ve been, I have two finished objects to announce today.

I did finish the latest Biased Scarf.

Biased Scarf 04 Complete

This one came out just as beautifully as the earlier scarves…I’m thinking about doubling the width of this pattern and making a wrap to sell, but I’m honestly not sure I could sell it for enough money to make it worth my time.  Perhaps just one to tease the buyers with one very expensive item.

I also finished the Westward hat I had started…here’s a photo of me modeling it immediately after I had woven in the last end.

Westward Hat 01

Here’s a photo of what the hat really looks like.

Westward Hat 02

The design allows you to bind off after the bottom band to make just a headband (which would be very nice), but I really love how this hat turns out ever time.

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