Trek Shift 2 - Joes

New Life – New Routines

Thaddeus started biking a while ago, and finally convinced me to make a new purchase to help enjoy the beauty of our local area and get more exercise at the same time.

A New Passion

The bicycle above is a new hybrid bike that works perfectly on some of the trails and canal towpaths in my area.  I’ve owned it for a total of 2.7 days now and we’ve already explored the Delaware River, the canal and the towpaths for miles around my area and I am loving it.

It’s a Trek Shift 2 18.5″ bicycle.

Even though I try to walk and/or run for an average of 3 miles every day, the latest activity on a bicycle clearly uses different muscles and my legs are quite sore from the weekend.  But it really is a good kind of sore.

Thaddeus snapped this photo of me in Lumberville, PA on the walking bridge over the Delaware River.

Joe Lumberville 03

Perfect day, perfect ride and beautiful scenery.  The experience makes going miles and miles almost easy.

I honestly never got the appeal of bicycling until I actually did it, and now I completely understand.

Current Knitting

Two more West Coast Watchcaps finished since my last blog entry.

West Coast Watchcap 10-17-2016

One of the nice things about using Noro yarns for these nice, quick projects, is that each hat is completely unique and different, which makes the work stay interesting.

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