sick of election

Election Day Eve in the U.S.

Since this is both a knitting blog and a queer issues blog, I probably should have been blogging more about the National election here in the U.S. more, but honestly, I think most people are sick of hearing about it.

QueerJoe’s Take

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone, I am a progressive voter.  I support Hillary Clinton for President and every State and local Democratic official running on the ballot.

I also think Trump is an appallingly bad person and by far, the worst candidate running for president on a Democratic or Republican ticket ever in my life time.

Possibly less surprising, I actually like Ms. Clinton and think she is the most qualified candidate running for president in my life time.  I like most of her positions on the issues important to me (some of them influenced for the better by Bernie Sanders).  Conversely, the Senatorial race in my State has a heinous candidate running as the Republican and I don’t think the Democratic candidate is very well qualified, but I will be voting for her anyway because I much prefer her positions on the issues.

Ideally I would love to see the Democrats win the White House and the Senate and the House of Representatives so that we can have some progressive initiatives passed in President Clinton’s first two years in office.  But I’ll settle for just beating the Republican candidate for President.

If you can, please vote…it’s important.

Current Knitting

I ended up finishing the pair of mittens for my sister’s friend in time to give them to my sister on Saturday when I saw her.  She was pleased, but I forgot to take a photo.  I realized the recipient might be interested to know the history of the yarn (Manos del Uruguay) and the story of the  women’s cooperative that kettle dyes the yarn, so I attached the yarn tag to the mittens so she could read about it.

I also finished knitting the scarf I’m calling the Cat’s Whisker Scarf.

Cat Whisker Scarf 03

The laciness of the scarf will require that I block it, but I will wait to do that until I finish the Biased Wrap I’m working on, so I can wash them both.

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