I’ve Always Been a Featherweight

Or at least a fan of the Featherweight sewing machine by Singer.

Good Solid Piecing Machine

When I decided I wanted to start machine piecing a quilt years ago, I asked the my quilting friend Liza which sewing machine I should buy.  After I ruled out her first recommendation (Bernina) due to cost and how unsure I was of my commitment to quilting, she said I should look for a good-working Singer Featherweight machine.

It happened to be the same machine my mother had used for decades during the years when I was growing up.

I couldn’t find a Singer Featherweight right away, so I bought a cheap machine that has worked fine for the last few years, but all the while, I kept hoping I’d find a good deal on a Singer Featherweight.  But anytime I’d see them at a flea market or yard sale, people seemed to know what they had, and were charging upwards of $175 for the machine (even if they couldn’t guarantee it was in good working order!).

I was mentioning this to my mom this past weekend when I was at her house to celebrate her birthday and she not only gave me her old sewing machine, but also told me the story about how when she and my dad decided they needed to have a sewing machine in the house, they couldn’t afford it, so they bought it on time and paid it off over a number of months.

I’m thrilled to say, a test run of the my new-to-me seeing machine worked like a charm. I may be doing more quilt piecing in the future because of it!

Current Knitting
I’ve been focused mostly on replacing inventory for my upcoming craft show.

And specifically focused on West Coast Watchcaps. I’m hoping to quickly bang out six of them to supplement the existing inventory of hats. I’m well on my way.


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