A Time for Grace

Never in my life has there been a more urgent need to spread love, joy and peace to the World.

A Power for Good

The latest turn in U.S. politics seems dire, and the possibility exists that I will lose many of the rights and benefits fought for over the last eight years.  It’s become clear that the numbers of people in this country that can be swayed by anger and hate have exceeded those who are motivated by hope and faith.

But for those who have worked diligently on fostering community, and creating the kind of World we all truly hope for…the positive qualities are deeply embedded in your very soul, and can’t be touched by any temporary detour on that path.

At least those qualities can’t be damaged in me.

Today, I renew my commitment to reaching out and supporting humanity in any way I can.

Current Knitting

Great progress was made during the election results last night on the Biased Wrap.


It’s not quite finished, but neither is my plan for spreading love and joy and humanity…and both are still beautiful.

Just a few more inches of knitting before this one is ready for weaving in ends and blocking.  I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out.

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