Happy QueerJoe Blogiversary!!!

Let’s not get honoring our veteran’s out of perspective when there are other important issues today!

Just kidding…my dad was a veteran and I am extremely grateful for all our service members who served during war.

Fourteen years ago, with meager technical skills and an absence of any on-line blogging tools, I timidly put my toe into the waters of queer-knit-blogging, and I have been at it ever since.

Neolithic Blogging

It was two cats ago when I started blogging…Gage was the love of our lives (followed by Nico and now Finn).  Think back to a time before Ravelry and before Facebook and Twitter.  Remember flame wars on the Knitlist?  Think back to a time when cell phone service was pretty much just for mobile phone calls and they were anything but “smart.”

clam phone

I could text and access the web on one of these clam shell phones, but it wasn’t a simple feat.

Did you know that I wrote all my blog entries in HTML code when I first started blogging?  I FTP’ed any photos I wanted to post to my domain server and typed the code to display them.  When you look at the first month’s blog posts, remember that each blog post looked like this:

HTML Screen Shot

And all photos and HTML code would then be uploaded via an FTP software to my web server so that readers could access it.  Making a mistake was always painful.

I’ve grown to love writing the blog.  With all the other social media, it’s still surprising how many people read my postings.  I’m grateful for a faithful readership and the comments over the years that have kept this space a lively one.

If you have access to cake today, please have a piece to celebrate our blogiversary!

Current Knitting

Just finishing up the Biased Wrap…not quite finished.

You’ll note that I’ve started decreasing at the end of the wrap.

Biased Wrap 11-11-2016 02

Just a few more decreasingly long rows, a few ends to weave in and I’ll have a beautiful wrap.

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