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Christmas Bounty – 1 of 2

Being known as “the knitter” has its advantages.


Especially Around Christmas-time!

My sister-in-law finds a lot of amazing things at yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets, and whenever she finds stashes of knitting related books, it always becomes one of my Christmas gifts.

This year, I think I got over 50 pounds of knitting books and booklets.

And most of them were focused on men’s knitting patterns.  Here’s a little slide show of just the booklets.


Xmas Book
Xmas Book 16
Xmas Book 13
Xmas Book 04
Xmas Book 02
Xmas Book 18
Xmas Book 15
Xmas Book 10
Xmas Book 07
Xmas Book 03
Xmas Book 23
Xmas Book 21
Xmas Book 17
Xmas Book 12
Xmas Book 09
Xmas Book 01


There were 35 (with one duplicate) booklets…too many to post individually, so that’s why I did the slideshow.

Next blog post will show the books and other fiber-related items I got for Christmas.

Current Knitting

While I was away at my sister-in-law’s house for a couple of days celebrating Christmas, I decided not to bring any knitting, but she had a knitting project she had started a while ago…a prayer shawl…which she hadn’t worked on for a long time.  I didn’t get a photo, but I did added about seven inches to her shawl while I watched television.

And here’s the current progress on my Easton Mountain logo blanket I’m working on.

Easton Logo Blanket 12-28-2016


It’s all in stockinette, so it’s curled at the moment, but when I start to put together the panels, it will lay a bit flatter.  I’m also thinking about lining it with a soft fabric backing to both hide the back of the blanket and to stabilize the curling after it’s finished.

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