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Random Thoughts – Blog Contest!

MJ Yarns 01

It takes longer and longer to come up with a list of 10 thoughts I find interesting enough to post.  So, I’ve decided to let readers help fill in the last three in this list with their own random thoughts kicking around in their heads.

  1. If a transgendered woman bares her breasts in public, is it legally considered exposing herself in public?
  2. Right around the age of 50, the term “good workout” becomes an oxymoron.
  3. Do you ever find yourself justifying a vigorous brushing and flossing by thinking you don’t want to disappoint your hygienist at the next visit…or is that just me?
  4. The entire universe thinks I exaggerate.
  5. Do you ever click on a link because it infers a hot nude photo will be displayed?
  6. Are you usually dissatisfied by clicking?
  7. How is it that the automation of many workforce tasks hasn’t provided us with lives of leisure?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?

Blog Contest

MJ Yarns has sent me some yarns to test out and review, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  After my current project is completed, I’ll be writing up a full review of these wonderful yarns.

A bit of a spoiler-alert…there are two new yarns MJ Yarns is selling only on their web site, Tough Ram and One Ewe using two different dyeing methods.  You can have the chance to win some of these yarns, or a coupon to get them at discounted prices.

Simply e-mail me at with up to three “Random Thoughts” of your own.  Each of your thoughts will enter you in a drawing for one of two scarf kits which will include enough MJ Yarns to make the scarf, and a free copy of the new pattern design which I’ll need to write up fast, since you’ll note below, that I haven’t even finished making the scarf yet!  There will also be coupons/discounts offered to folks that don’t win the two kits

Entries will be accepted until next Friday, the 13th of January, 2017.  Winners will be announce shortly thereafter.

Current Knitting

My new scarf pattern is simple, and easy and mixes the colors of horizontal stripes in a beautiful way.

Milano Scarf 01-05-2016


Milano Scarf 01-05-2016 01

Some of you may recognize the stitch pattern from a blanket I made a while ago.  I’m calling this design The Milano Scarf.

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