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Key To Happiness

If you’re coming to QueerJoe’s blog to find out the key to happiness, I think you may possibly have lost your way completely.


There are certain truths that one stumbles upon during a lifetime that come to be important aspects of what makes up one’s character.
I was fortunate to realize very early in my life that the pursuit of money, power and/or success wasn’t the goal…that satisfaction was the goal, and possibly pursuit of money, power and/or success might help with reaching that goal.
It always amazed me how easy it was to see when people had lost sight of their purpose and how they would change their focus to make success the goal instead of what success could bring.  I’m fortunate that it always seemed clear to me.
We recently watched the movie, The Founder, the story of Ray Kroc and the founding of the fast-food chain, McDonald’s.  Never was it more clear how someone had lost their way and confused success with happiness.  Ray seemed so deluded by the pursuit of success, not only did he seem to lose his soul, but he also seemed to have convinced the two McDonalds brothers (who really founded the business) that they too should be fighting for success instead of happiness.
It was a clear analogy for me as to how our current politicians are not  only focused on self-serving, power-grabbing, zero-sum-gain strategies, but they are also convincing millions of Americans that they should be fighting for the wrong things…including me sometimes.
I have to keep reminding myself…what is important to me…what do I want in this life…and not be distracted by the vengeful feelings I have.

Current Knitting

More ripping out and re-knitting of the Easton Logo blanket has taken place since the last blog entry.
Easton Logo Blanket 02-09-17
You might have noticed the slope of the mountains in the latest panel that I attached don’t exactly line up with the panel next to it, but I’m pretty certain I can fix this easily with a little duplicate stitch and also when I do the embroidery of a darker mountaintop outline of stitches.  Otherwise, it will be a lot of ripping and re-knitting.

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