Production Knitting

Production Knitting

Trying to build inventory for future craft shows has found me knitting the same pattern over and over.

Knitting – A Pleasure or a Chore?

If someone offered you the chance to knit the same simple pattern (easily knit while you watched television) that took you a couple of hours to knit and they provided you with the yarn, would you be willing to get paid $4 per completed item?  Would you be willing to do production knitting for any amount of money?  Would knitting for pay take away the joy of knitting for you?

When I price items for my craft shows, I recognize that it’s not likely that I will ever make a proper wage for the time it takes me to knit an item.  I have to constantly balance my enjoyment of the time that I knit, and the fact that I can do knit whilst doing other things.  I also have to balance the fact that my knitting time could be going toward knitting gifts, or a sweater for me or Thaddeus.

I’m starting to strike a balance between knitting items for sale, and knitting things I do for myself or others.  Honestly, I enjoy doing both.

Current Knitting

I’ve knitted a few more Starbucks cup cozies (yes, they could be used on a lot of cups, but I figure if someone is willing to spend $7 or $8 on a latte, they’ll be willing to spend money to buys a cup sleeve for themselves or as a gift).

Starbucks Cup Cozies 02-24-2017

Any thoughts on how much you think I should sell these for?  I’m thinking about doing cardboard cutout inserts as packaging.

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