Desiging 3-Dimensional Knitting

Even after decades of knitting, I can’t say that I am very good at visualizing and designing knitted objects that are sculptural or three-dimensional.

Willie Warmers, Amiguri and Toys…Oh My!

Other than sock heels and toes, when it comes to items like the FiberTrends felted slippers or knitted dolls or animals, I will most definitely need to rely on a pattern.  That’s why I’m grateful the people at Cascade Yarns have come out with their latest book, 60 Quick Knitted Toys.

Knitting Toys Book

I have to admit that one of my other failings in the knitting arena, is embroidering, so I was glad to see a small primer section (only half a page) with graphics for a handful of useful stitches.

The book is chock-a-block full of animals, toys and games.  What I particularly like about the patterns is that they’re all nicely detailed and designed to please both the recipient and the knitter.  The obligatory Teddy bear is even interesting in that it’s an argyle pattern.

Teddy Bear

If you get the book, check out the pattern for Happy the Clown…beautifully done.


The front is even more adorable…but I wanted to show that no detail was left out in the designs.

All of the patterns are designed using Cascade Superwash yarns, so the colors will be available long after the book is out of print and the knitted items will be washable.

Current Knitting

Working on four different knitting projects at the moment:

  1. Easton Mountain logo blanket (still working on the sixth panel)
  2. More coffee cup cozies
  3. A twisted headband
  4. A Willy Warmer

Cup Cozy 12

Willy Warmer JC

One of the things I love about John’s Willy Warmer pattern is that the sizes come in Large, Extra Large and Humongous…perfect for the fragile male ego.

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