museum overload

Beautiful Things

Have you ever walked through a large museum and found yourself so overwhelmed with masterpieces that your mind just becomes inured with seeing beauty?

Sensory Overload

I remember thinking a number of times as I went through the Louvre in Paris, “Oh look…another fucking masterpiece.”

I learned that for me, it was easier to go to museums that were more manageable or focused.  I found two other museums on that same Paris trip were much more enjoyable (Musée d’Orsay and Musée Picasso).  I also found that the Frick in New York City was a much more enjoyable experience than MOMA.

All that being said, I’m hopeful my two latest acquisitions of beauty in one photo aren’t overwhelming.

Gnomespun 1

Dan from Gnomespun had some beautifully combed Dorset in a rich, rusty-ish red color that I loved and he also had a shocking green hank of sock yarn.  Here are closeups of each so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

Gnomespun 3

I can’t wait to spin up the Dorset and I am also really looking forward to making something stunning with the sock yarn.

Current Crochet

I finished up a second scarf using the Crochet Broomstick Ripple stitch.

Broomstick Ripple Scarf 02

This one is done in a vibrant Christmas red (with sparkles…in fact it’s Koigu’s Sparkle yarn).  It will make a nice Christmas-y scarf…almost looks like a poinsettia, no??

Broomstick Ripple Scarf 04

After I block this scarf, it will be soft and beautifully drapey.

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