But you are Blanch

Feuding Fun

But You Are Blanche!

Recently, we’ve been watching the FX series Feud: Bette and Joan.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jessica Lange and both she and Susan Sarandon do a great job of portraying these two iconic actresses during the filming of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

So, of course, we had to re-watch that wonderful film.  It was particularly interesting to get to watch Bette Davis’ daughter as the next door neighbor daughter…I never knew that was Bette’s daughter.

Since much of the Feud series and the movie it’s about try and leverage controversy as publicity, it reminded me of when I first started my blog and how Marilyn (the curmudgeon) and I always thought it would be great if she and I started a fake on-line blog-feud.  We never did it, but I bet it would have garnered a lot of clicks to our respective blogs.

Current Knitting/Spinning

I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the 362 stitches on the edge of the Easton Logo blanket, so I started a new Cross Stitch Scarf.

Cross Stitch Scarf 1


This one uses Zauberball and some other sock yarn.  It knit up incredibly fast, so I started another one using the rest of the Zauberball with some other fingering weight yarn.

Cross Stitch Scarf 3

Very different, but I’m liking it just as well as the last one.  I also increase the number of stitches to get a slightly longer scarf.

I also meant to note that the wool/mohair yarn I spun and showed photos of in last blog turned out to be 482 yard/ 6.3 ounces of yarn…with that grist (1,224 per pound), most would call it a sport weight yarn.  I decided to do a small swatch on US8 needles.

Mohair Wool Swatch

I love how lofty and fuzzy the fabric is and I like the color better as a fabric than on the ball.  One of my favorite yarns that I’ve ever spun.

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