Priority Distraction


Now more than ever, taking stock of what’s important to me and making that a priority becomes more and more critical.

Fast Pace Requires More Focus

The politicians seem to only want us to focus on self-serving issues and what the lobbyists pay them to promote.

The television and news seem to only want us to focus on what gets them ratings.

The religious seem to only want us to focus on their “way” to spirituality.

Social media can be a deluge of bright, shiny things that garner our attention in a very confused way.

So…what IS important to you?  What is MOST important to you?

Is it fostering a stronger, more loving relationship?

Is it protecting civil rights?

Is it making billions of dollars?

Is it taking care of your health and well-being?

Is it making sure your core spirit is taken care of?

Is it finishing your latest knitting/spinning/weaving/crocheting project?

Recently, it became obvious just how distracted I had become and how I had let my ideas of what is important fall to the wayside.  Karl Marx once said that “religion is the opiate of the masses” but I’m starting to believe it’s only one of the many opiates that keeps us stunned and confused.

I started a list of personal priorities, and even that got confusing given all of the different levels of importance…is climate change more important than my mental well-being?  Is the urgency of finishing my taxes more important than fostering a stronger relationship with Thaddeus?

I’m not a person lacking in organizational skills and processes, so I’m sure I’ll figure this all out, but one thing is certain…it is important to me to understand just what is important to me and make sure my activities are aligned with those priorities.

Current Knitting

Scarves seem to be flying off my needles lately.  I finished the latest Cross Stitch Scarf.

I’m extremely pleased with the colors in this this one…rich and interesting.  I started another Crochet Interlocking Scarf as well.  I’ll post a photo when I’ve added a few more rows of color to it.

I also started the fourth and final border for the Easton Logo blanket.

Logo Blanket 04-03-17

The border starts with the light gray color, with the finished border on the right and the current border on the left (just started the purple stripe).

Perhaps it’s misguided given all that’s going on, but I’ve made it a priority of knitting at least 7 rows of border each day to get this project finished.

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